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I listened to a talk by Jean Houston on Gaiam TV today and was moved tremendously by one observation she made in particular. She noted that each of us gets wounded during our life times, and that if we live long enough, we become so full of holes that we ultimately become holy.

My own life has taught me that my wounds will ultimately diminish or enrich me, depending largely upon whether I meet them with a closed fist or an open heart. I’ve also come to understand to my amazement that an ordinary day can be transformed from the mundane to the holy not so much by what happens during the course of it, but by what questions I choose to ask of myself when I first encounter it.

Michael Beckwith urges us to ask the following three questions each and every day.

How can I grow?

How can I give?

What can I celebrate?

I’ve found that every morning that I ask myself these three questions and then commit to living the answers by the end of the day, my life is so much more likely to be experienced as the profound gift that it is.

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The Self-Care Depression Program is a free online ebook written for those struggling with depression as well as for friends, family and caregivers. Written by two psychologists and funded by grants from the Canadian Ministry of Health and BC Mental Health and Addiction Services, it consists of 10 sections:

What is depression?
What causes depression?
What can you do about depression?
More about medication
Antidepressant Skills
The road ahead: Reducing the risk of relapse
The story of Margaret
Suggested reading
Useful information

If you or someone you love is suffering from depression, I encourage you to read it.

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