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“Breathe in deeply to bring your mind home to your body.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

During this particularly stressful time of COVID, I’m holding my breath more closely, aware of the power it contains to ground, relax, open, and center me. For so much of my life, I took this amazing resource for granted, and now that I have learned to work with my breath, I completely relate to the assertion that “deep breaths are like little love notes to your body.” Besides making my life possible, my breath has become a teacher, friend, and ally.

Following is a list of videos that can provide you with the information you need to make your breath an even greater gift and resource.

Introduction to Breathing https://youtu.be/j0I1hWgH_WM

The Science of Breathing https://youtu.be/8XQLpyo96_w

Breath: Five Minutes can Change your Life | https://youtu.be/hFcQpNr_KA4

Tara Brach’s Guided Breathing Meditation   https://youtu.be/y3TrGysWETw

Mindful Breathing by Thich Nhat Hahn https://youtu.be/_z7gmeZUphc (a talk that is over an hour)

Mindfulness and the Breath by Thich Nhat Hahn https://youtu.be/fOkphTWkY1Q (a 15 minute talk)

The Healing Power of Breath https://youtu.be/8XQLpyo96_w 

Intro to the Breath and Breathing https://youtu.be/j0I1hWgH_WM

Alchemy Of Breath Breathing Technique  https://youtu.be/7UjoGbeRZII

Breathwork: A Slow Film  https://youtu.be/pxQh1Zh633w

4 7 8 Breathing by Andrew Weil  https://youtu.be/YRPh_GaiL8s

Breathwork to Connect to Yourself Deeply https://youtu.be/1LWi8oTZ8ew

I encourage you to watch a few of the videos above and give some of the techniques mentioned a try. It might not only add more peace and pleasure to your days, but also years to your life…

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Within the past year I’ve reduced my carbon footprint and my work hours while increasing the number of hours I volunteer and engage in mindfulness meditation. I take a water aerobics class and have resumed my journal practice. Still, I consume too much fat and sugar, worry too much, and don’t eat enough fruits and vegtables or exercise enough. Sufficient self care is time consuming and requires a level of commitment and motivation that I don’t always muster.

And so yesterday I decided to conduct an experiment. I signed up for the 10 day free trial with Gaiam TV. I like the idea of having hundreds of videos on exercise, yoga, and meditation at my finger tips and documentaries, films, and interviews that promote emotional, spiritual, and psychological growth and well-being just a click away. Yesterday (day one of my 10 day trial) I took a tai chi class in the comfort of my living room and watched a thought provoking documentary on life and death. Today, I did twenty minutes worth of dancercize before heading off to visit a friend. For the next 8 mornings I’m planning on doing yoga, qigong, aerobics, pilates and strenght training. I’m also looking forward to relaxing at the end of the day with films on compassion, personal development, health and wellness, spirituality, and more. As always, looking for more ways to follow the door mouse’s advice (remember the old song, “go ask Alice?”) to “feed your head.”

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