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In a funny, thought provoking, (sometimes scary) and inspiring TED talk of less than 20 minutes, Roger Doiron (one of Maine’s own) shares how growing our own gardens can improve our health and well-being, increase our wealth, power and freedom, and help save the world. Here are just three of the many facts that Doiron shares during his talk:

Around the world both Hunger AND obesity is on the rise

To keep up with our expanding population, more food will need to be grown over the next fifty years than has been produced thus far during the past 10,000 years COMBINED and we will need to produce this food with LESS – less oil, water, soil, climate stability and time.

Our yards need not simply be yards, they can truly be full service green grocers!

You might want to visit Doiron’s wonderful site, Kitchen Gardners International: A Global Community Cultivating Change where you’ll find information, community, recipes, resources and more.

Here’s just a very small taste of what this website can offer you:

How to plant a garden in the snow
How to give Eco-friendly and budget-friendly gifts
How to connect with and learn from other gardners in your community and around the world
How new low tech technology can assist in growing food in arid environments

Disclaimer: I do not personally know or have ever had contact with Roger Doiron. I simply believe in his work and want to promote it. I firmly believe in the healing power of both nature and community, healthy eating, and living sustainably, consciously, and responsibly.

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People feel more isolated than they used to, they also feel more threatened. The need for small communities that offer both significance and support to its members is increasing on a daily basis.

One hopeful response to this need has been the creation of common security clubs. In short, common security clubs offer members opportunities to explore how they can increase their personal/economic security through shared action and mutual aid, and at the same time develop friendships, have fun, and be inspired.

Chuck Collins, Director of the program Inequality and the Common Good wrote, “This epoch we are living in should be called ‘The Borrowed Times.’ We have been borrowing from the future to consume today. We have been borrowing from the prosperity and ecological stability of our children. We are eating their seed corn. Together, we must face these realities. Our economy will be very different. We can go two ways: We can retreat into fear, isolation, and scapegoating. Or, we can move toward shared abundance, strengthening what we hold together, collective action.”

I vote we move towards shared abundance and collective action, and forming a common security club here in Lewiston/Auburn seems like a very firm step in this direction.

To Learn More about Common Security Clubs you can read:

Common Security Clubs: Working Together to Face Hard times

We’re in This Together

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