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This is an extremely difficult time for each and every one of us, as the number of those infected with COVID is rising at a terrifying rate. It’s a challenge to maintain a sense of calm and well-being when anxiety-provoking news and outright hostility swirl all around us. So I thought I would share a few resources that I’ve found particularly helpful.

Working with the Body

A 30 minute Grounding Hatha Yoga session to Connect with Your Center

A Quick Two Minute Yoga Flow

Twelve Minute Bedtime Yoga

A 10 Minute Qi Gong Morning Exercise

Five Minute Body Scan

4 7 8 Breathing by Andrew Weil 

Journaling Through COVID

Journaling as a Tool for Coping with Anxiety

Journaling: A Wellness Tool During COVID 

How Journaling Can Help You in Hard Times

Journaling Prompts for COVID 

Tara Brach, COVID, and RAIN

Tara Brach on Facing Fear [Part 1] – Awakening Your Fearless Heart

Tara Brach on Facing Fear (Part 2) – Awakening Your Fearless Heart

Tara Brach on the RAIN of Self-Compassion

Facing Pandemic Fears with an Awake Heart, with Tara Brach

A Ten Minute Guided Meditation: Light RAIN in Difficult Times, with Tara Brach

Tara Brach’s Page of RAIN Resources (a powerful exercise)

I hope you check a few of them out and if you do, I’d love to hear how they work for you.

“It could happen any time, tornado,
earthquake, Armageddon. It could happen
Or sunshine, love, salvation.
It could, you know. That’s why we wake
and look out—no guarantees in this life.
But some bonuses, like morning,
like right now,
like noon,
like evening.”

William Stafford

Many Blessings,

Tammie Byram Fowles

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