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My heart aches since learning of Robin Williams death. Depression has stolen yet another bright and beautiful soul – one whose life work has offered up so many lessons – to live an authentic life, to love with our whole being, the distinction between curing and healing, what it means to be a father, to see the world anew each day, that life is truly a miracle, to follow our dreams, that sometimes when you win you lose, there is unimaginable power that lives within our stories, that death is not the enemy, to seize the day, and so much more…
Robin’s death is a grim reminder that depression is a liar and that we can never afford to underestimate its power to convince even the brightest and the best of us that there is no reason to hope, and that there will be no better tomorrow. It informs us that reaching out to those in our lives who are despairing can literally be a matter of life and death and that “having it all” doesn’t guarantee happiness.
We’ll miss him….

The Warning Signs of Suicide

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